Mailing Lists and Other Communications

PrairieCat Member Updates

PrairieCat Member Updates are scheduled twice a year in each geographic zone. The same agenda is used at all meetings to ensure a consistent message and information. 

The purpose of PrairieCat Member Updates is to summarize the work of the standing groups, to better disseminate PrairieCat information, and to provide networking opportunities for the membership.

There are seven geographic-based zones within the service area. Member library staff may attend updates in any zone.

  • Zone 1 Stockton/ Galena
  • Zone 2 Byron/ Freeport
  • Zone 3 Genoa/ DeKalb
  • Zone 4 Moline/ Coal Valley
  • Zone 5 Princeton/ LaSalle
  • Zone 6 Seneca/ Morris Area
  • Zone 7 Manhattan-Elwood/ Peotone

PrairieCat Member Updates will be scheduled in April and November in each zone.
Meetings will be in-person only.
Meeting locations will alternate within each zone.